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Subtitle Translation & Voice Recording

Subtitle Translation & Voice Recording

Our team of audiovisual translation professionals tailors its services to the purpose behind the client’s request, translating subtitles, narration scripts and other language components of video content.

The one-stop services we provide include transcription, translation of superimposed subtitles, addition of subtitles to a video, and voice recording. These services cover a wide range of purposes, such as training videos, e-learning, introductory videos for product exhibits, and videos for art museums and public facilities.

Addition of Subtitles and/or Voice Recordings to Video Footage

Once you provide us with the video footage data, we can add translated subtitles and make voice recordings.
*The video footage data should preferably be already edited and contain no subtitles, but we can work with the footage you are able to provide (e.g. mp4, wmv, avi).

Addition of Subtitles to Video Content

We can deliver ready-to-go video data with translated subtitles in a file format of your choice, such as mp4 or wmv.

Voice Recording

We provide a one-stop service that covers narrator assignment, studio bookings and coordination of recording schedules. The product is delivered after post-recording editing and processing.

Example of Subtitle Addition

Video with original text

Caption example (video with translated text)

Key points when adding subtitles to video:

  • Translate with the length (numbers of seconds and characters) of each cut in mind
  • Keep the text simple
  • Add subtitles with the video composition in mind

Example Process

Audiovisual Translation — Workflow


Video Provision

The client provides the original video data.
We prefer to receive clean video without subtitles or captions so we can neatly insert subtitles and captions. Please consult if you are unable to provide clean video.



We transcribe the subtitles and speech in the video as text.


Text Proofreading

The script is created.


Translation →
Proofreading →

The text is translated suitably for each scene while referring to the video and audio.


Video Editing

We add subtitles to the video.
Dubbing takes place (recording and sound editing in a dubbing studio).



Video is converted into the desired format and delivered.
Delivery formats we support include mp4, avi, mpeg, wmv, flv.

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